Creating a Press Release that Gets your Firm Noticed

Does Your Firm Need to Generate Press Releases….Yes, Yes it Does!

Press releases are a great way to gain publicity and visibility for a law firm, and to drive targeted traffic to the firm’s web properties. A well-crafted press release can attract the attention of widely read media outlets, which puts your firm in the news, helps brand it as a major authority in the areas of law that are practiced there, and reaches legal consumers that could turn into clients. In some cases, press releases can even go viral and lead to other media opportunities, such as a local radio interview.

Press releases are different from blog post articles, area of practice (AOP) pages, attorney profiles, and other forms of online content. A press release is a news story that should be written in the third person with the goal of providing unique and compelling information that targeted readers would find interesting and useful. The primary purpose of a press release is not to sell your firm’s legal services (although that could be one of the results of the story going public), but rather to inform the reader about something important that you or your firm have some involvement in.

Although a press release can be a strong addition to your content marketing strategy, this will not just happen by chance. Media organizations are inundated with countless news stories every day, and if you want your story to gain traction, it needs to stand out from the others. Fortunately, it is not terribly difficult to create a press release that will get your firm noticed, but it does involve incorporating some essential elements.

Here are some important guidelines for writing and publishing a winning press release:

Select a Newsworthy Topic

Since the primary purpose of a press release is to announce something or convey an important piece of information about you or your firm, you need to make sure that your story is newsworthy. Your topic should be unique, timely, and tell readers something relevant and interesting that they could not find out in a hundred other places.

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