How to outsource a press release – The Logical Entrepreneur

The press release is a startup’s main method of communication with the world of the media. But a bad press release will be ineffective, and a really bad press release can even hurt your reputation with reporters in your industry. Personally, I definitely take note of the company that issued it when I come across a release that’s an absolute disaster.

So how do you avoid writing that kind of disaster? In [a separate article[1]] I’ve covered how to write your own press releases, but you might not be a confident enough writer to take that on, or you simply might not have the time. In that case, your next best option is to hire a professional.

At the high end of the cost spectrum, of course, are PR and marketing agencies. Any decent PR agency will be able to produce a good press release for you and distribute it to relevant journalists in your industry. Whether that comes in the form of a mass email or a personal phone call to the reporter, though, depends on the agency you’ve picked. In general, you should look for an agency with a good reputation and a history of PR work in your particular field. If your company does online food delivery orders, for example, you’ll want to find a PR agency that has a lot of experience handling that kind of release and that knows the reporters likely interested in covering it.

The downside to choosing a well-connected and reputably PR agency is the cost. Even a single release is likely to run into the thousands. PR agencies typically prefer to be paid via retainers, meaning that if you just want a single press release written and don’t have much in the way of other PR needs, hiring an agency probably isn’t a cost-effective option. Monthly retainer fees even for startups from a boutique PR agency [can cost between $2,000-$5,000 per month[2]], and a brand-name agency retainer usually costs an awful lot more. Some agencies also offer per-project or per hour booking, though.

Whether going with a PR agency fits within your budget is something you’ll have to assess for yourself. Agencies aren’t the only option, though, and you can save quite a bit of money by finding a freelance writer instead.

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