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A press release is an effective way to gain free publicity and drive traffic to your website. A well-crafted press release can increase your visibility on the web, attract media attention and reach potential clients. Below are a few guidelines for writing a law firm press release.


The purpose of a press release is to make an announcement or convey a newsworthy piece of information.  To get accepted by a press release distribution service, you need to convince the editors that your message is newsworthy.  Your topic should be unique and timely.

Examples of newsworthy topics for law firms include a new office opening, website launch, new hire, attorney award or recognition, court ruling, partnership announcement, book or white paper release,  special event, new service offering, class action lawsuit or ground-breaking legislation.

Style and Tone

Your press release should be written in an objective, third person point of view in the journalistic style of news writing.  Most press releases are one page or less in length (usually around 400 words).

When writing the press release, keep it concise, stick to the facts and avoid editorializing.  You should also avoid business jargon and over-promotion.

When writing the press release, keep it concise, stick to the facts and avoid editorializing.

Quoting and Attribution

It is important to include one or two quotes from firm members or other experts to support your story. In addition, any statements you make in the article must be attributed to your source. Do not exaggerate or embellish information; stick to the facts and forgo the fluff.


Press releases need a strong, engaging title to pull readers in and entice them to click through and read the article. You want to keep the headline short and powerful.  Incorporate keyword phrases or trending words, if possible.  It sometimes helps to write the headline last, after you have written the article.


Press releases follow a unique structure:

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