Panda & the Death of SEO PR – Revamping Your Strategies

We know that nofollow links don’t pass Page Rank to your site, but we now know that nofollow links (as appear in our online press releases) may actually carry some value. And, of course, these links can still drive traffic to your website, so they should not be discounted.

The biggest news to come out of this patent is that brand mentions matter, even if not linked. In other words, if others are mentioning your brand, those mentions will convey added authority and influence, and will affect your search ranking positively.

In Summary:

Panda devours all the junk, leaves the healthy stuff for the rest of us, and, what’s better, pushes that naturally good stuff up to the very top.

This is what customers want to find, and what you should want to deliver — which is where eReleases comes in.

Gimmicky methods of search-engine tomfoolery may briefly earn you a place above the salt, but nothing, absolutely nothing can put you on the pages of The New York Times, or on the waves of NPR, or grant longevity at the top of Google — nothing except a reader-focused (not search-engine focused) press release placed in front of the right journalists at the right time.

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