Press Release: DAAS has developed over 200 projects in 2020

DAAS International Group continued the development of the Concept, Design & Architecture department. DAAS’s expertise in the commercial, industrial and HORECA refrigeration industry helps customers by offering them solutions at all levels, including in the creative area for them to be as close as possible to consumers.

DAAS Concept, Design & Architecture department combines insights, imagination and expertise and creates relevant experiences for consumers and retailers open to change and who want to keep up with customer requirements. DAAS came to have over 200 concept, design & architecture projects in 2020 alone, a year which was expected not to bring many projects due to the pandemic.

“With each completed project, we mark a new success in the portfolio, in which architects, interior designers and engineers specialized in HoReCa and Retail bring together their visions to outline an efficient and modern final product with an important potential to become a reference in the industry” said Adrian Craioveanu, EMEA director of the Concept, Design & Architecture department.

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The Concept, Design & Architecture department’s mission is to combine two extremely important components: creativity, which translates into the innovation behind the “big idea”, and the efficiency of the final product, which is seen in the utility it offers to end consumers.

At DAAS, the road from concept to reality of a project goes through a few essential steps, each equally important in the process. The first component is the analysis of the client’s needs and desires, followed by a detailed analysis of the location where the project will be implemented. Then follows the stage in which ideas are outlined and transformed into a concept.

The development of the project itself is the next step, starting by creating a 2D design, which is then completed with the 3D decorative project. The last phase of the design is the moment when a final decision is reached for the best design solution, both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, satisfying the initial needs and desires of the client.

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