Tech Startup Offers an Opportunity for Consultants, and Platform for Consulting Services

    MONTEBELLO, NY, July 03, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — It seems that everyone has a need for a consultant of some sort. There are all sorts of consultants available for specific needs, but when the time comes to find a specific one, the search can often be frustrating and lead to dead ends.

Kawiwi International has changed the consultancy market. It takes freelance consultants and those seeking consultants and matches them into a single, unified website. Here, interested parties can search for, and find a specific consultant based on their needs.

The site offers consultants of all sorts from business consultants to personal trainers and everything in between.

Celebrities like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Selena Gomez, e-commerce giant Amazon, Wells Fargo and others have sought out and used expert advice on many different decisions, some of which have had major results. The successes of these individuals and companies should speak for the successes a well-respected and professional consultant can offer to anyone.

Kawiwi International also offers opportunities for freelance consultants to expand their practices and find new clients. Offering a single, unified location for consultants and those seeking consultants makes Kawiwi the perfect solution for both.

“We offer consultancy services across the world and in multiple languages. This way, we can offer any of our services to any number of people. My team and I are dedicated to making certain anyone who needs or offers any consulting can find what they need in a single location,” said Edwin Ngwane, Founder and CEO of Kawiwi International.

All consultants go through a rigorous process before being accepted into the system for consultancy services. Customers and clients can be 100 percent certain that their consultant is skilled and able in the specific field. On and offline services are available depending on the specific needs of the individual.

Kawiwi International is always looking for new consultants in various fields and welcomes any new clients looking for specific consultants. The website features information on the consultancy fields of specialization, consultants, an application for new consultants and more.

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