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Using our above press release example, this[12] is what a published press release looks like.

And this [13]is an article that was written up by a journalist, following a successful pitch

Part 3 – How to build on the success of a press release

So you’ve written your press release, pitched it to journalists and bloggers, and won some press coverage. Great job!

But don’t stop there. You should now run a victory lap, to capitalize on this as much as possible.

Start with your own channels:

  • Tell your staff first. This is overlooked way too often, but your staff should be the first to know about any announcements. It’s great for morale and they’re fantastic brand ambassadors.
  • Publish a blog post, but provide even more value than what was included in the press release. Include images, infographics, videos and CTAs.
  • Put the news out on your social channels. Include infographics or other multimedia.
  • Tell your clients, partners or customers. If it’s a big announcement, send a personal email to each of your clients or partners, and include it in your next newsletter.
  • Featured in a major publication? Shout about this so everyone can hear. Include the publication’s logo on your homepage, under a “featured in” banner, then talk about this in any outbound marketing such as upcoming newsletters.

Then nurture and build on any replies you had from journalists:

  • If a journalist wrote up your press release into an article, send them a brief thank you email. This is a nice way to start building a relationship[14]. They may use you as a source, for an expert comment or offer you a guest article spot in the future.
  • Keep a list of the publications and journalists that featured your press release, so you know where to focus your efforts for future media pitches.

Now go write that killer press release and grow your media exposure

Now you’ve read this guide, you know everything there is to know about writing and pitching a press release. 

We’ve also made the next step super easy for you with our free Startup Press Release Toolkit.[15] The toolkit has everything you need, to quickly and easily write professional standard press releases and email pitches:

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