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In the example, we’ve provided a summary of the announcement in the first sentence, so the reader knows immediately this is talking about a new service launch. We then provide a brief explanation of the tech startup, the services they provide and what’s so great about it.

Pro tip: always hyperlink the company name, so journalists can easily find your website. This also massively increases your chances of a backlink, if it’s copied-and-pasted into an article.

4. Second Paragraph – The Detail

Now we start to flesh out the detail and build upon the key information provided up top. Use this paragraph to provide more information on the company, what the announcement means in practice and why this announcement stands out in the marketplace.

In our example, we’ve provided more details on the company’s overall services, and then provided an explanation of the service launch and its uses. We’ve also provided another link, to boost the chance of backlink. But don’t pepper a press release with links to your site. Only use one when it’s natural to do so.

5. Third paragraph – More Detail

This can be used to provide further details on why the announcement is such good news for the industry, consumers, or the public etc.

In the example, we’ve honed in on the benefit this new service provides to companies who use it.

Pro tip: think about the language you’re using, You want to express how great this news is, but at the same time you don’t want to over do it. Too many superlatives are a sure way to turn off journalists!

6. Fourth paragraph – The Quote

The quote from the CEO or another relevant person from the company can go here (there’s no fixed rule about where this has to go within the main body, just wherever it fits best with the flow). The quote should be based on the angle of the story and written to add support to the narrative.

In the example, the quote reinforces the benefits this new service will provide to both customers and companies.

7. Fifth Paragraph – The Proof

This is where the angle of the press release gets cemented. Facts, figures and real-world examples are used here. The intention is to support the argument being made about why this announcement is such a big deal, such as how it solves a problem.

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