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Pro tip: provide links to reputable sources, to back up any factual statements being made

In our example, we’ve set the scene by explaining how podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity and provide facts to back this up. Then we’ve explained the commercial opportunity this has created (supported by more facts) and how this startup is perfectly placed to address this demand.

8. Sixth Paragraph – A further quote

Providing more than one quote is optional – only do this if it adds value to your angle. If it doesn’t add anything new, then don’t add it.

In our example, we’ve inserted a second quote to add more weight to our angle.

9. Boilerplate 

The boilerplate for a press release is the generic ‘about us’ copy, which explains exactly what the company does. This is often taken from the company’s website.

10. Contact details

Include the contact details[7] of the person who manages media inquiries.

Part 2 – How to pitch a press release (and boost your chances of getting it published)

Now you know when and how to write a press release, the next step is sending it to journalists, bloggers, and influencers. This is known as outreach within the PR world and here’s everything you need to know to get press coverage.

What’s the targeting approach

Are you after quality or quantity? This is the first question you need to ask yourself, as this will determine your targeting approach.

If your aim is to try and get the press release picked up by a major publication, then offer them an exclusive first as this will increase your chances of it getting picked up.

Pro tip: We often find that major publications will only publish stories about startups if they know it’s their scoop.

If you’re offering an exclusive, clearly mark this at the start of the email subject line and include the journalist’s name, to grab their attention:

Exclusive for [Journalist’s name] – [Title of press release]

Then make it clear in the email exactly how long they have to pick up the story. 48 hours is normal, with a chaser sent after 24 hours. If you don’t hear anything, reach out to another journalist at a different publication. Try 3 or 4 journalists, one after the other, when trying to place an exclusive with a major publication.

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