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Always stick to your word and never offer an exclusive to more one journalist at a time.

Or if you’re just looking for as much coverage as possible, then send it out to your targeted publications, blogs, and influencers all at once.

Where to send press releases

There are two main avenues when it comes to sending out a press release. Self-publishing it onto a newswire service, or sending it directly to journalists, bloggers and influencers:

  •  Submitting a press release onto a distribution service

There are both free and paid-for press release submission and distribution services you can use. Once you’ve submitted your press release onto these platforms, publications can either republish them “as is”, or journalists can pick them up and write them up as articles.

You can view our list of the best free and paid-for press release submission sites[8]  or take a look at our press release submission services[9].

  • Sending a press release directly to journalists, bloggers, and influencers via email

This takes slightly more effort but is often a more effective way of getting press coverage. It’s better to focus your attention on a smaller amount of journalists or bloggers that report on your industry, than less targeted pitches to more people. This is especially the case if you’re a startup. 

How to find journalist contact details

Once you’ve got your list of publications and blogs to target, research the journalists or bloggers writing for each of them who publish articles relevant to your press release. First off, check their profile page on the publication’s site and their Twitter page, as you might be able to find their email address there.

If you still can’t find the email address of the journalist you want to reach out to, check out our blog about the best tools for finding journalists contact details[10].

It provides the best tips on finding journalists’ emails and creating your own media contact database.

Pro tip: whenever possible, reach out directly using a journalist’s email address. Not only is this more personable, it also gives you an opportunity to start building press relationships.

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